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Cedrus Digital

Address: 530 5th Ave 9th Floor, New York 10036


Cedrus—a highly sought-after Digital Transformation Solutions provider within North America and abroad—has created a reputation for being able to solve complex business challenges for many of the world’s largest healthcare organizations, financial and insurance companies, and more.

By leveraging expertise in digital process automation, cloud-native technologies, advanced cloud security, and design-thinking methodology—paired with the latest in “smart” technology, including artificial intelligence and robotic process automation—Cedrus continues to help organizations of all types drastically increase productivity and reliability, all while greatly reducing operational costs.

To accelerate projects and to implement the best solutions, Cedrus has also created highly defined repeatable architectures and code libraries to quickly solve specific business challenges. In fact, Cedrus prides itself on its practice of investing a significant portion of the company’s profits back into research and development—creating prototype products and solutions optimized by leading-edge technologies that foster the ability to rapidly address critical business needs.

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