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Address: 3031 Tisch Way, 110 Plaza West, San Jose 95128


CubiCasa is a PropTech company focused on providing value for real estate professionals through the digitization of properties. The company has already delivered over 1 000 000 floor plans and is widely used by photographers, studios and real estate agents around the world.

The CubiCasa App is currently available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Core Tech Overview: The scanning solution is the most scalable way to acquire property interior data. Enabling any space to be indexed, searched, sorted, and understood.

We are focusing on >$10B property data business in the US. Our "Video to BIM"​ technology enables the fastest way to acquire a huge amount of property interior data. Our unique business model together with AI technology ensures that our Property data API will become the standard in the US and global market.

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