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We're dedicated to helping developers find their next best job. Whether it's a job post on our site, or another--if we can help you apply with a red carpet introduction, we will.

We exist to help developers, software engineers, data engineers and data scientists find the best jobs they can. That's why we interview hiring managers, so talented people like you can get hired at in the best roles possible.

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Chase Richardson

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The most meaningful part of my career has been helping people find better jobs. It's very rewarding. I enjoy connecting, challenging and helping people. Why? Because then I'm a part of their journey. Software engineers are building our future, and I'm building theirs.

This platform exists for one reason—to help devs, engineers and the like find the best of jobs. Because of that, I help the best team leads and CTOs find the best engineers.

Let us know how we can help,

Jeff Winkler

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