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We attract top, vetted tech candidates by highlighting awesome tech companies and great people on their teams. We will help grow your team by creating unique content that drives more applications to your hiring funnel.

How Golden Squirrel is Different

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Passive Candiates
Job Content Across Channels
Culture + Salary Fit Before First Contact
Success Manager

Golden Squirrel Pricing

Job Board+ (Lead Machine) White Glove Recruitment

Podcast + Content
It all starts here—this is what makes you stand out. It's what makes candidates know that they want to work with you.

Outbound Candidate Reachout
We proactively reach out to our networks of candidates on your behalf.

Passive Candidates
We uniquely attract passive candidates, and they are the best.

Qualified Candidates
We qualify candidates for culture fit, salary fit, hard skills fit.

Success Manager
We care about your candidate interaction--let's meet weekly and strategize your success.

Resume Screening
We peruse the details, skill sets, etc. This is a huge pain point for many clients.

Candidate Screening
We meet with candidates to further screen them, ourselves. This is another pain point for many clients.

Interview/Offer Coordination
We set up interviews with your engineering team, solve scheduling issues, and boost offer/acceptance success.

(3 month min)
20% Hiring Fee
(per hire)