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  • What will you ask on the podcast?

    Each podcast lasts 25 - 40 minutes, but will record for an hour. I will spend the first 10-15 minutes asking about your professional background as a technology professional. I will spend the second half of the podcast asking about your open positions or future open positions in regards to the tech stack being used, what the dev for each position will be working on from a high level (Maintaining code vs greenfield project vs writing tests), and what makes the culture of your company unique. This is a chance to show case the amazing opportunity to come work with you and your team.

    The last 10-15 minutes will be questions I send to you ahead of time that does are currently asking that are relevant. Things such as ChatGPT, Tabs or Spaces, and Star Trek or Star Wars will be asked during this time and used for social clips that we have seen work well to attract applications.

  • Does it cost anything to be on the podcast?

    No, I just want to help build the ecosystem and push great devs to great companies.

  • Who will be listening to this?

    I have previously started a few companies including a coding bootcamp. I have a few thousand contacts within the software developer space that I will push the episode out to once we are done recording. My following is made up of 60% senior engineers, 20% mid level engineers and 20% junior/recent bootcamp grads.

    • Content will be pushed out to multiple platforms that target software developers passively looking.
    • CTOs are now using as a part of their interview process to save time in phone screen/intro round of interviews
    • Highest Leverage and ROI of your time, 45 minutes to reach thousands of devs.....FOR FREE!
  • What platform(s) will this be released on?

    Each episode will be released the following Monday after we record via Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. In addition to that, we will post the edited video and clips to Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to ensure the greatest reach possible for your current and future open positions. There will be thousands of impressions in order to build your hiring funnel!

    Additionally, your job will be featured pronominally on our job board at as well as sent out to our database of devs looking for their next opportunity!

  • Who are previous guests on the podcast?

    I try to have every guest be a CTO, a VP of Engineering or a CEO for the company with the open software job. Developers want to hear from the leadership of a company when considering whether or not to dig deeper into an opportunity so we have received and will continue to receive the highest engagement if we ensure we are interviewing leadership.

    Previously I've had leadership from Google Cloud, Jack in the Box, Headspace, Penguin Random House and ParTech, Inc. We've hosted dozens of startups as well since the size of the organization isn't as important as the fact that you are or will be hiring in the next 3-6 months.

    You don't necessarily have to have one of the titles above to be invited on the podcast, but that is our preferred podcast guest per the software engineer audience.

How have your guests and devs responded to the podcast?

So far, the reception has been great! CTO's are getting more Senior Software Devs to apply to their positions (and they are more qualified having listened to the podcast and KNOW they are interested in your organization). Devs love the transparency and hearing about all the interesting things that people are building across multiple industries.

  • Exponentially more reach on your open software positions
  • CApplicants that apply that already love your company
  • More exposure to the Developer community

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